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salinas y aguadas blancas - vicuñasThe Colca Canyon, located in the Department of Aréquipa, in the Peruvian Andes, is one of the deepest in the world.

Admirable by its depth (which reaches the 3180 meters), it is also considered by its landscapes and its history one of the natural wonders of the Peru and the world.

To achieve the Colca Valley, you will need first cross the National Reserve Salinas y Aguadas Blancas, where you can observe herds of vicuñas (close relative of llama and alpaca, but living in the wild and whose wool is one of the most expensive in the world) evolves between lagoons populated by flamingos pink, more than 4000 meters altitude. You will go by a pass at 4900 metres, which sees the Mrs. ISMI, where the Amazon River begins its journey. And finally, you will dive on Chivay by a beautiful road switchbacks, the largest village in the Valley, where you arrive after 3 hours since Aréquipa.

In the Valley, the landscapes are magnificent; the Valley is squeezed bColcaetween 2 mountain ranges. Far away appear villages created in the 16th century by order of Viceroy Toledo, in order to gather and control native populations scattered in the Valley, with their large churches in style baroque-Métis, symbols of evangelization effort. Economic activity in the Valley is mainly agricultural, using an impressive network of terraces hung on the flanks of mountains, built by peoples Cabanas (Quechua occupying the southern Valley) and Collaguas (of origin aymara, coming from the altiplano) that inhabit this area long before the arrival of the Incas. These terraces, which 30% are always used, cover colours yellow, green, ochre, rouges… Valley Mountain flanks and need a hydraulic engineering on the part of their constructors who ceases to impress the admiring visitor of today.

The inhabitants of the various villages that always use their traditional costumes, especially women, made large very colourful skirColcats embroidered with grounds to fauna and flora of the Valley. Before the Spanish conquest, ethnic Collaguas and Cabanas varied in cranial deformations which the skull shape reminded of the respective sacred mountain of each people. The conquistadores banned these practices, and they were replaced by the use of beautiful hats to differentiate the descendants of ethnic Collaguas and Cabanas.

The inhabitants of this region realize a very fine crafts, such as hats and other items embroidered with traditional patterns of these cultures.

Inca and pre-Inca, then in addition to the terraces, remain very numerous tombs and granaries distributed all along the Valley, some built in 1200 before Jesus Christ.

As one descends on the course of the River, the Valley narrows and river away in depth of the level of Valley where the villages. Then begins the canyon itself.Condor, Colca

It reached its maximum depth (3200 metres) from the viewpoint of the cross of Condors, hence you might have the chance to observe the majestic flight of the world's largest bird flying Earth, Condor, which uses hot air flows up from the bottom of the canyon. This place gives you also a privileged view on volcanoes Coropuna and Sabancaya, the latter always view activity.

Shortly after the mirador of the cross of Condors, it reached the village of Cabanaconde, departure point for those wishing to make a trek to the bottom of the canyon.

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