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About Xtreme Tourbulencia

Welcome to Xtreme Tourbulencia !

Xtreme Tourbulencia is a Peruvian company interested in the development and promote sustainable tourism, protecting the local environment and culture. We offer a variety of tours and adventure expeditions in the whole of Peru. Our tours are all designed with the highest level of customer service and responsible tourism. We look forward to sharing Peru's amazing outdoors and deep culture heritage with you!

Since 2001 we have been able to satisfy over 14,000 customers with our Treks throughout Peru. Our priority is to provide an outstanding service for our clients. Next to our professionalism, it is very important for us to minimize our environmental impact and show respect for local culture, nature and the people of Peru. That's why our objective is to make tourism more sustainable. Therefore our agency only works with experienced and professionally licensed guides who have great knowledge of the environment, local culture and history. We offer tours in the following languages: Spanish, French, English, German, Italian and Quechua.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to have a guide in one of these languages.

On top of admiring the beautiful landscape, you will also get an impression and experience the local culture. We have worked over the past eleven years to develop relationships with people that still practice very traditional ways of living. During the different treks our guides will offer you the chance to experience their unique lifestyle. We believe that this offers our customers the chance to discover local customs and traditions, while at the same time providing opportunities for the local people. Most of our excursions are organized together with local partners. The support of these local partners is very important for the realization and authenticity of our activities.

We offer a variety of cultural immersion programs that allow you to have the experience of a traditional way of living. These experiences are valuable for learning more about traditional Peruvian cultures and a different way of living. On some of our trips it will be noted that there is an opportunity for a small donation of school supplies or clothes. There are many exciting opportunities for learning about and supporting local traditional communities.

On our website you can find numerous information about the Inca Trail and its different alternative routes, together with other excursions throughout Peru. You can also discover more about Peruvian history and culture. Do not hesitate to explore our website and to learn more about our beautiful country, the possibilities to travel and the adventures it has to offer.

We are always at your disposal to answer any further questions!


Why choose Xtreme Tourbulencia?

  • Because we are a Peruvian owned tour operator located in Cusco, the ancient capital of the Incas. Our company is licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture with certification CI0065-2013, with municipal authorization 002262, and Peruvian Tax ID Nº RUC 20527988331.
  • Because all our treks are only and strictly operated by Xtreme Tourbulencia and its very professional staff. Xtreme Tourbulencia has a high quality of service and a good reputation. Even if we only have a single traveler for a set departure date, this will be operated by us.
  • Because we treat our staff in an excellent way, including chefs and porters. Xtreme Tourbulencia not only complies with the Porter Law and Regulation, our wages are also over the minimum requested by law and above the average paid by most of the tour operators. Our staff eats well and more than enough, they are provided with sleeping bags, thermal clothes, tents, thick rain ponchos and lumbar support for their duty on field. Most importantly we ensure them a minimum number of departures per month and therefore a minimum income per month.
  • Because 80% of our guides work exclusively for Xtreme Tourbulencia, are highly trained, have excellent language proficiency and communication skills and are regularly evaluated by the service reports each guest fills in after the trek. We have special guides for special requests (ornithology, history and archeology, flora and fauna and also generalist guides). We also have guides in several languages besides English and Spanish, including French, Italian, German and also others for special requests, in all of our treks, not only on the Inca Trail.
  • Because we offer a great meal service. Our chefs have been trained by several institutes in Cusco therefore their operation ensures maximum hygiene. During the trek your passengers will have a superb culinary experience including generous and delicious breakfasts, snacks, lunches, tea services and dinners. Our menus include a variety of Peruvian and Novo Andean food and we also cater for vegetarians or other special requests, all at no extra cost. We take natural ingredients on the treks and prepare them in the field; we do not take prepared low quality food.
  • Because Xtreme Tourbulencia’s responsible operation makes sure to minimalize our impact on the environment during our tours and expeditions. All of our staff members are trained in environmental awareness.
  • Because we pay legal taxes (18% IGV or consumption tax) on all services contributing to the country’s growth and development. There are many tour operators who do not pay taxes or declare them with a lower value, giving them the possibility of lowering their prices through what to our eyes is an unfair competition. This will never be our policy.
  • We are an experienced operator since 2001 in alternative paths and support them.
  • We use only high quality trekking equipment and partner with excellent hotels and restaurants for all of our tours.
  • You will receive first class service from our dedicated operations staff throughout the relationship with Xtreme Tourbulencia.
  • Finally, because we have more than 14, 000 satisfied customers since 2001. In our Testimonials section of our website you may find reports.  The original reports are available at our office in Cusco.

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Since 2001 we are Official Tour Operator of the Inca Trail and now we are authorized by the Peruvian Ministry of Tourism to operate on the INCA TRAIL IN 2018 - 2021.

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