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Responsible Tourism

Community Development and Cultural Immersion Programs; We worked for 10 years in order to develop a network of relationships with people from rural communities still practicing their fashion today.

Of traditional life. This is, in our opinion, the best way to allow both tourists who travel with us to experience new cultures, and to provide effective and sustainable help to the communities with whom we work.

Over time, many people in these communities have become true partners of our agency and actively participate in the organization of your trips. In addition, we have developed programs that allow you to immerse yourself in traditional rural communities.

You may decide to work and live in one of these communities, creating a truly unique cultural exchange. Some of your daily tasks may be working in the fields, cooking or traveling with your hosts. Similarly, in some tours we offer, you will have the opportunity to make small voluntary donations of school materials or clothing. There are many opportunities to learn more about traditional communities and to support them at the same time. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Community Development and Cultural Immersion Programs.

We have worked over the past eleven years to develop relationships with people that still practice very traditional ways of living. During the different treks our guides will offer you the chance to experience their unique lifestyle.

We believe that this offers our customers the chance to discover local customs and traditions, while at the same time providing opportunities for the local people. Most of our excursions are organized together with local partners.

The support of these local partners is very important for the realization and authenticity of our activities. We offer a variety of cultural immersion programs that allow you to have the experience of a traditional way of living. These experiences are valuable for learning more about traditional Peruvian cultures and a different way of living.

On some of our trips it will be noted that there is an opportunity for a small donation of school supplies or clothes. There are many exciting opportunities for learning about and supporting local traditional communities.

Being Xtreme responsible and suitenable in tourism is:

  • Competitive wages
  • Respect and integration with the communities.

Every single day, it is a challenge to us, with the unique purpose to overpass the demanding enquires of our clients and the care of our human resource also, what is responsible tourism with xtreme.

Competitive wages.

We believe, the most important resource is our porters crew, they are the main engine to the trails work smooth and the clients can have an unforgettable and unique experience.

Therefore, a good Porcentage of the payment of our clients are linked to provide a good and deserved salary to them, because we are conscience about the big and valuable work they do, we guest if they are good paid, their families will have better opportunities to grow up as a persons with values and xtreme responsibility.

Respect and integration with the community.

The tourism industry brings impacts, we work hard to bring a positive xtreme results for our local people, and we use strategies like trainings of utmost importance hoping the local community understand how much is necessary show the visitor the real customs and habits, within changes.

Therefore, it will help to keep in the time, and our visitor they still coming, we don’t want the tourism brings the communities X-treme and negatives changes , all on contrary, we invited to our visitor to keep coming with us to keep respecting and understanding their believes, because it is the only way to supporting them.

Environmental Impact

All of our tours and treks are designed to have a minimal environmental impact. This can include different cook methods, packing out the group’s waste, and taking less invasive routes.

On all of our Inca Trail trips 100% of the groups waste is removed and many other trips all non-bio degradable waste is removed. Also, all of our guides will talk about the local environment and some of the challenges facing it. The guides all work to minimize the group’s impact and to share their knowledge of it.

You will possible see many different species of plants and animals while on your trip. It is the responsibility of all us to protect the environment around us for future generations.