"Work makes man worthy"After a few years of experience, on February 14, 2001 was created the travel and tourism agency "Peru Travel Inca". Subsequently, the possibility of formalizing a company

corporate: Dimas Miranda. From this fusion of experiences is born the taste of the adventure and the will to share the passion and at the same time, the respect of the practice of a participative and sustainable tourism.


The quality of the services we offer to our clients is our priority. As tourism professionals, we also attach great importance and we feel responsible for the impact that our activities will have on the people and the environment of Peru. That's why we work with a Responsible Tourism goal.
In addition, our agency only works with professional guides who have a very good knowledge of the environment and local history.
Our tours are offered in the following languages: Spanish, French, English, German, Italian and Quechua. To enjoy a guide in one of its languages, do not hesitate to contact us!


Integrate communities by offering responsible tourism, minimizing our environmental and cultural impact on the Andean peoples.

Promote the development of their communities through joint work and that the benefits go directly to local families.


Being a leading tourism company in the city of Cusco that contributes to working with communities for their socio-economic development. For better balance, better sustainability and community integration as well as improving the quality of life of community members.

Contact Us

  • 364; Plateros Street, Plaza de Armas; Cusco; Peru
  • ( +51 ) 984610644 - (+51) (84) 225872

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