Puerto Maldonado Jungle Tours 4 days Puerto Maldonado - Sandoval lake

Puerto Maldonado Jungle Tours 4 days

Going back to nature couldn’t be complete without a visit to Puerto Maldonado from where you can easily enter the jungle and observe the huge bio-diversity of plants and animals as well as the way of life of the Amazonian population.

Puerto Maldonado is the main city in the department of Madre de Dios and was isolated from the rest of the country because of the Andes and the stream of the Madre de Dios for a long time. It is situated between four large natural reserves that are considered to be some of the most beautiful in the world and where are living some of the last Indian tribes that never had any contact with the civilized world.

The city of Puerto Maldonado was born with the rubber-boom in the beginning of the 20st century. It owes recent expansion to the gold-fever that marked the 1970s in this region and to the construction of an airport in the early 1980s.

Around Puerto Maldonado living countless species of birds, alligators, turtles, bats, butterflies, etcetera… An absolute must for all nature lovers!

Puerto Maldonado Jungle - Peru

Puerto Maldonado 4 days Itinerary:

1st Day – Puerto Maldonado – Adventure-trip – Campsite

We’ll pick you up at Puerto Maldonado-airport and transfer you to the city. From there we’ll take you to Puerto Pastora where you’ll receive a typical drink of this region and where we’ll start our adventure-journey. We’ll follow the river Madre de Dios upwards for 6 hours in a private motorized canoe until the Pariamanu Macaw Refuge. Depending on at what time we arrive we’ll have our lunch-box aboard.

During our trip we’ll be able to see numerous types of birds such as herons (big and small), kingfishers, turkey buzzards, wild ducks, caracaras, sparrow hawks, eagles, parrots, caimans, enjoying the sun, etc.
We’ll camp in the beach of Pariamanu where we’ll have diner. Afterwards we’ll explore with our canoes and torch-lights these beaches and, as the jungle mostly awakes at night, we’ll be able to see caimans, birds and probably a lot more. We’ll spend the night in a very comfortable campsite.

2nd Day – Pariamanu Macaw Refuge – Walking – Campsite

In the morning after a very early breakfast we’ll continue our journey for 3 hours direction the Pariamanu Macaw Refuge from where we’ll have a walk on some small trails to find some animals and admire the diversity of flowers and medicinal plants, exotic palms, gigantic trees, insects, mushrooms, etc.

We’ll return to our second campsite that will be in the Pariamanu Macaw Refuge where we’ll have lunch and enjoy of a well earned rest. Depending of our time we’ll have a bath in safe waters or visit the indigenous people and appreciate their ancestral way of life in harmony with nature.
Back to our campsite where we’ll have diner before going on a nocturnal hike direction the small macaw clay lick which is the place where birds gather to eat salt and clay.

3rd Day – Colpa de Guacamayos – Small Alligator-Lake – Campsite

In the morning we’ll visit the macaw clay lick of Guacamayos and parrots where these birds gather in a fantastic mix of colors to eat clay. It’s an unforgettable experience.
Afterwards we’ll see a small lake called “Alligator-Lake” where we can see a lot of birds and where it is possible to fish. Afterwards we’ll head ourselves towards a special place where we’ll be able to bathe. We’ll camp close to the city where we’ll have diner. Afterwards we’ll make a campfire and the guide will tell us some mysterious tales from the jungle. We’ll pass the night gazing at the stars in our comfortable campsite.

4th Day – Campsite – Puerto Maldonado – Airport

After our breakfast we’ll transfer you to the city of Puerto Maldonado and from there to the airport.

Puerto Maldonado 4 days


• Transport
• Boat
• Meals during the trip
• Entrance to the park of Puerto Maldonado
• Bus
• Guide
• Typical drinks
• Camping equipment
• Camping or basic lodge

Not Included:

• Flights and taxes (the prices depend of the season)
• Alcoholic drinks
• Sleeping bag

What to bring?

• Small backpack.
• Sleeping bag.
• Rain poncho.
• Mosquito repellent.
• Long-sleeved shirts.
• Trousers.
• Swimming clothes.
• Towel.
• Waterproof rubber boots (you can rent them in the Puerto Maldonado park).
• Hat.
• Sun block.
• Binoculars.
• Water bottle.
• Photo camera.
• Money in soles.
• Disinfecting gel for the hands.
• Toilet paper.

The vaccinations are recommended if you want to enter Puerto Maldonado.

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