For those that love and wish to walk through the Inca trail as a primary objective, but is unable to gain Inca trail entrances. This trek like the Inca trail 02 days offer an alternative since the other two are more on demand and more expensive.

The Inca Jungle offers not just walking but numerous adventurous options such as cycling, rafting, zip-lining and trekking towards our final objective of Machu Picchu.

Perhaps you were not able to reserve the Inca trail, this specific trek offers a piece of the Inca trail in route to Machu Picchu.

Starting out from Cusco at around 5:30am we begin our bus ride through the city, after which we continue through the sacred valley until reaching the city of Ollantaytambo. We continue passing by Ollantaytambo passing through the Malaga pass until reaching Alfamayo where we begin our cycling towards the tropical jungle, the view of the landscapes of the valley and its mountain is without a doubt one of the best to be seen.

Inca Jungle Hr pic 2After 3 hours of descent we reach a town where there was an archaeological site, or at least what remains of it after the Spanish conquest. Here your guide will allow you to rest and explain some of the events that transpired here.

You will reach your transport and reach Santa Maria which is a town already set within the tropical jungle, clearly, due to the amount of fruit bearing trees you will witness. It is around this area that you will have the option of participating in rafting which is an additional cost.

You will return to your hostel in Santa Maria where we dine and sleep.

In your second day, you will walk the Inca trail until reaching Santa Teresa, this is a beautiful route that does the jungle justice.  Once we reach Santa Maria you can enjoy the hot springs that are close by, for transport it is a mere 5 soles.

The entry to the hot springs was about 10 soles per person and it also counts with 3 medicinal pools that are very much recommended by the locals since they are good for the bones as well as other minor sicknesses.

Inca Jungle HR Pic 3The third day we encourage you to zip-line or “monkey’s tail” as the locals call it, it is very close to the town with 4 sections, with one being the largest at 800m. Very recommendable for those that suffer from vertigo Jeje.

Finally, you will be taken by car to the Hydroelectric, from the hydroelectric we walk for about 2 hours through a path that goes along the the rail lines, you have the option to either walk to Aguas Calientes or board a Hydroelectric train.

If you so choose to walk, the first part is a bit uphill but the rest will remain plane, you will pass by a bridge placed just to the side of where the train passes, you also have the option to pass through the bridge very carefully. You will reach Aguas Calientes in the afternoon, where you will spend the night until your visit to Machu Picchu.

Inca Jungle HR Pic 4Next day in the morning you will have breakfast and get ready very early to visit Machu Picchu. The buses you take part very early, or you can choose to walk to Machu Picchu which will take about an hour or so. Once in Machu Picchu your guide will be with you explaining all that there is to see in the wonderful citadel, afterwards you will have time on your own to free roam as you please to take your pictures.

Finally, you will descend to Aguas Calientes either by bus or walking down to reach the train station to board our train back to Ollantaytambo, which is a 2-hour train ride. From there a bus will be waiting for you in Ollantaytambo to take you back to Cusco in a 2-hour car ride to drop you off at your hotel.

This is another alternative trek to visit one of the wonders of the world: Machu Picchu.