Iquitos Amazon Jungle Region

The Iquitos Amazon is the largest tropical jungle in the world and spread out over 9 different countries in South America. The Peruvian Amazon is an important part of the Amazon. Peru covers namely more than 60% of the country and is one of the most biologically diverse regions on the planet.

Iquitos is a city in the northeast region of Peru, has an altitude of 106 meters above sea level and has a population of 300.000 inhabitants. The most special thing about Iquitos is that it is only accessible by flight or riverboat since there are no roads connected with this town. This region is close by the border of Ecuador, Columbia and Brazil.  Many tourists visit this place as a transit point for cruises up the Amazon. However, there is so much more to do in this beautiful place.

Iquitos is a living, breathing, and bustling jungle city and beautiful due to the colourful mansions dotted around the city centre. Besides, it is the only possible place to visit the true ‘Amazon River’, as opposed to a tributary of the amazon. So if you want to sail down the Amazon River, you should definitely put Iquitos on your bucket list! Not only the nature, but also wildlife is really rare in this region. The possibility that you will spot pink river dolphins and other beautiful wildlife, is high! Also if you would like to go for piranha fishing or to see the giant Victoria Regia Lilies.

But there are more reasons to visit the Iquitos Amazon. Iquitos region is namely one of the only places where it is possible to visit villages and see the traditional way of life.

Iquitos has a tropical, rainy climate with average temperatures of 28 degrees in the rain season. However, if you decide to visit Iquitos in the dry season, which is in July and August, you will see periods with heavy rains, despite being the driest months.

Río Amazonas

Even tough you will experience a whole different kind of the jungle in Iquitos it also has some disadvantages. The flights from Lima to Iquitos are more expensive compare to other parts of the jungle or Peru. And if you want to combine your trip with a visit to Cusco, it is easier to visit one of the other jungle regions, namely Manu or Tambopata, since these places are closer to Cusco. There are different types of night life where you will find a mix of locals and tourists. You can go for a drink in one of the several bars, however, you also have the opportunity to go out for a dance in one of the nightclubs.

If you decide to visit Iquitos, take inconsideration that there are some festivities at the following dates:

  • Carnival: February to March and is celebrated with much happiness, water, gifts and fruits gifts.
  • Iquitos Tourism Week: From June 21 to 27 and this is one of the most anticipated holiday by the local people. They celebrate this week with activities like sporting, folklore, crafts, food fairs and other competition.
  • Santa Clara: this is a religious festival honouring the patron saint of the village of Santa Clara, located 15 km away from the city of Iquitos. They celebrate this day from 8 to the 10th of August.

So, it sounds like Iquitos is worth your time, don’t you think?