Manu Amazon Jungle - is one of the areas with greatest biodiversity

Manu Amazon Jungle

Are you a nature lover and do you want to explore the different flora and fauna of Manu national park? Do you want to see wildlife in one of the most beautiful jungle destinations of Peru? Manu national park should be on your bucket list!

Manu national park is one of the areas with greatest biodiversity in the world. It is located in the south of Peru, in the eastern sector of the Andes and it is the only park in Latin America that covers the full range of environments; from low, tropical jungle to cold, high grassland. Within only 45 minutes by plane you are able to go from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado and after your fly you most probably go by boat to your hotel, which can take you one to five hours.


Manu national park offers a wide range of flora and fauna, which you can admire in the 1.5 million hectares. Besides the beautiful flora you can explore in the national park, you will see plenty of fauna as well. There is a lot of wildlife within the national park. You have the change to see over more than 1.200 kinds of butterfly’s, 1.000 different types of birds, 50 reptiles, 200 mammals, more than 200 types of fish and much more.

The most common mammal you will find in the Manu national park is the Capibara. It is the world’s largest rodent and it is certainly an amazing creature to catch a glimpse of.  However, there is also a little change that you will see the puma, jaguar, ocelot or jaguarundi. But keep in mind that these cats are mostly alive at night and keep low during the day, so don’t get to disappointment when you do not see one of those cats.

Manu national park is most famous because of the large population of birds. The best activity that you can do in Manu national park, besides bird spotting, is the various trail walks. You will explore the most wildlife, have the best views during a trekking and have the best possible jungle experience. Besides the several trekking’s, you can also visit the Cocha Otorongo Lake, which gives you another experience of the jungle. You will be sitting on a floating platform down the lake and visit various communities.

Keep in mind, when you want to travel with your children, that most of the lodges in this area requires an 8+ minimum age. However, the jungle is a perfect place for children to fall in love with the wonders of nature and wildlife. Since you will be staying in the jungle, make sure you book a save accommodation.

Another import subject you should take inconsideration before you visit the jungle, is to consult a travel doctor. Some of the vaccinations are not mandatory, but can be advisable. Further more is it important to bring enough sun cream and insect repellent to the jungle since it can be very expensive to buy it over there.

Before you decide to go to visit Manu national park, it is important to know that there are two main seasons. The dry season is from May to November. It is slightly easier to do a trekking within the dry season, since the ground is drier and the temperatures are higher. However, it can turn out that it can be very hot during the day. Than there is the rain season from December to April. During this season waters rise significantly and animals are spread over a smaller land area (in theory). It is a better period of time to spot reptiles and amphibians. Overall, a trip to the jungle will make your Peru experience complete and it will be a trip you wouldn’t forget so easily.