Manu Amazon Jungle

Are you a nature lover and do you want to explore the different flora and fauna of Manu national park? Do you want to see wildlife in one of the

Iquitos Amazon Jungle Region

The Iquitos Amazon is the largest tropical jungle in the world and spread out over 9 different countries in South America. The Peruvian Amazon is an important part of the


This city is namely known as the juridical town. But why do people call Arequipa the White city? White city comes from numerous and magnificent temple constructions, convents, homes and

Colca Canyon

Only 4 hours away from Arequipa you can find the second deepest canyon in the world! You get the opportunity to get into the countryside life of Peru and to

Altitude sickness: what is it and how can you avoid it?

You probably heard about it and you may wonder how to avoid the altitude sickness or what the best possible way is to prepare for the altitude sickness.


Only 33 km away from Cusco you can find Piquillaqta. But what is Piquillaqta exactly and is it worth your visit? Read our blog and decide by yourself!.