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Hiking Tours Calendars

We have Departures to the Inca Trail all year round except for the month of February, the date on which the Inca Trail is closed due to rain and maintenance.
Other Tours are free any date of the year.

Next Departures 2022 and 2023

If you are thinking of joining a group tour, keep in mind that the groups are of 16 people maximum and are reserved several months in advance as they are frequent.

Our Trekking tours are available in 2 types of services

Group service: We will include you with a group of hikers who come from different parts of the world, a nice opportunity to have fun and make new friends.

Private Service: Private Services are only organized for you and your group, the availability of choosing the departure date of your preference, the size of the group and duration of the tour is offered. You have the advantage of adapting your route according to your physical condition, enjoying quieter campsites.

Xtreme Tourbulencia Tours

Each tour we can open your exit with a minimum of 2 people. If there are 2 people! We can start your trip and open a group!

Thank you for considering Xtreme Tourbulencia in your visit to Peru, unfortunately, the rainy season and the maintenance of the trail in the month of February we are closed for Inca Trail 4 Days and Inca Trail 2 Days. Thanks for understanding!

Xtreme Tourbulencia appreciates your preference, contact us so that your travel specialist can take the time to understand your preferences and turn your itinerary into a unique experience, working within your budget. Our specialist will keep perfecting your trip until you are happy and ready to book.