You can find here the list of things to take with you for your trek:

- Shoes in which you are comfortable
- A bottle of water or a gourd that you can fill all along the way- Sun cream (do not trust the cold, the sun is flashing!)

- A hat and / or hat (the cap / hat combination is quite practical!)
- A waterproof jacket (in case of rain) or even better, a waterproof poncho to protect your bag too
- An anti mosquito cream or spray
- Clothes to change you
- A pair of flip-flops to be comfortable on the campsites and enjoy showers or stops at natural hot water baths
- A torch or something to have light
- Your original ISIC card for students going to Machu Picchu
- Your sleeping bag (hot!)

Here you are, ready! ;)

To know, the levels of difficulties indicate on our site are:

Easy / Normal:

Those are the treks, in general, the shorter ones with day requiring less than one hour of walks. It is important to be in good health and to feel comfortable walking for a while. We use the word "Normal" in addition to the word "Easy" since it remains hiking where you have to be in good physical condition and be well prepared.


These treks are often longer and require longer hours of walking on a variety of terrain. This can include hours of riding on difficult roads. These treks can climb from 4500 m to 5200 m. It is very important that the participants are in very good physical shape and very well acclimatized. Hiking and trekking experience recommended. Those are treks less than 6 days old.


In general these treks last 6 days or more and physically harder. Each day may include long hours of walking (6 hours or more) on several types of terrain. Often these treks are challenges and include long hours of climb. This can go up to 5000 m altitude or more. Highly recommended to have trekking experience for all these trips. We ask you to be in excellent physical condition, to have all the necessary equipment and to have had the necessary time to have acclimatized.

Necessary Equipment

Many of our treks take place in challenging outdoor environments over a period of 3-12 days. Therefore it is very important to have the right equipment. During all of our treks we provide first class camping equipment including tents and matrasses.

Please, take a look at the general list below to know what you will have to bring during your trek. This is a general list for most of our trips and you will receive one that is for your trip during your booking.

Backpack with rain cover, sleeping bag, clothing for warm and cold climate like a waterproof jacket, rain pants and lightweight pants, trekking shoes, slippers or sandals (for showers and hot springs), woolen or synthetic socks, a sweater, long- and short-sleeved polo’s/t-shirts, a rain poncho, a hat, bathing suit (for the hot springs in Aguas Calientes), sunscreen, insect repellent, disinfecting alcohol and gel, water bottle and sterilizing tablets, toiletries and toilet paper, camera (wrapped in plastic bag), a flash light and batteries, some snacks like chocolate bars and dry fruit, original passport, original ISIC student card and extra money in soles.

Responsibilities of the Participant

Please, before booking your trip, review carefully the level of difficulty and the health information on our website. This is very important as many of our trips require a high level of physical fitness and good general health. We expect that all our participants are in good shape and bring their own medicine for during the trek.

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