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Security In Peru: Theft; Theft is still a big problem in Peru. Most ‘common' is robbing from the backpack or handbag while travelling

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Here we give a short list of some major attractions in Peru. Of course Peru has lots more to offer for all kinds of tourists.

Transport in Peru Driving yourself: Driving yourself is not really recommended! There are hardly any rules and signs and the Peruvian drivers drive really aggressive, including a lot of honking. An additional fact is that the roads aren't as good as in the more developed

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The climate of Peru is very diverse, with a large variety of climates and microclimates, including 28 of the 32 world climates. Such a diversity is chiefly conditioned by the presence of the Andes mountains and the cold Humboldt Current.

Postal service

During last years the Peruvian postal service has improved quite a bit. It can however be more expensive than sending mail from more developed countries, certainly sending packages can be

General Information

Peru is the 3rd largest country in South America. Peru is on the shores of the Pacific Ocean with a coastline of 2400 kilometers (1491 miles). It borders to Colombia and Ecuador in the north,

The Peruvian population exists for 47% of pure Indians, 32% of mestizos, 12% whites and 3% Asians and Africans. Most Indians live in the Andes and Amazonia area, whites and mestizos mostly at the coast.

Politics in Peru
According to the constitution of 29 December 1993 Peru is a presidential republic and the legislative power is terrain of the congress. The congress is a chamber of delegates with 120

Peruvian culture is a mix of many cultures, but with many differences between different parts of the country. The main input comes from both the Amerindian inhabitants as well as Spanish colonizers.

Peru History

The first pre-Columbian cultures in Peruarose about 10,000 years before Christ. The remains of this are to be found at the coast, in the Andes and in the Amazon. The first people who lived on


From way back the Peruvian economy depends strongly on export of products of agriculture, mining and fishery. The most important export products are copper, silver, sugar, fish and fish flour, coffee,

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