Salkantay Trek Machu Picchu 4 days Salakantay Trek - Machu picchu

Salkantay Trek Machu Picchu 4 days

A shorter version of the famous Salkantay Trek, which is usually done in 5 days, for those who have a tight vacation schedule and still want to explore the Peruvian hinterland!
Machu Picchu takes all its dimension when reached after a trek in the footsteps of the Incas. An excellent alternative to the Inca Trail is the Salkantay trek. This expedition under the eye of the Salkantay (6264 meters), sacred mountain located in the Cordillera of Vilcabamba, will take us back to the time of the Incas and will awaken to the spirits of the mountains such as Nevado Tucarhuay and Nevado Humantay which culminate to more than 5000 meters. We will be able to enjoy snowy peaks and the rainforest, the high altitude vegetation and flowers of all shapes and colors.

Altitude: 1950 - 4600 meters
High season: April - November
Duration: 4 days - 3 nights
Difficulty level: Difficult

Day 1: Cusco - Mollepata - Marcoccasa - Soray Pampa
Day 2: Soray Pampa - Salkantay Pass - Chaullay
Day 3: Chaullay - Lucmabamba - Archaeological Site of Llactapata - Hidroelectrica - Aguas Calientes
Day 4: Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu - Cusco


Day 1: Cusco - Mollepata - Marcoccasa - Soray Pampa

We leave the city of Cusco at 5:30 by private transport to reach Marcoccasa (3400m), through the village of Mollepata (3000m) where it will be possible to have breakfast. There, we will join the muleteers, then we will begin hiking in a beautiful valley surrounded by impressive snow-capped mountains, such as Nevado Humantay (5217m) and the peak of Salkantay (6264m). We will cross different valley, start to take a little more on the life of local, and farmers of this region before reaching our camp. In Soray Pampa (3900m), the cook will wait for you with hot drinks and small snacks, before attacking the dinner. This first night is quite fresh at 3900 m altitude - good sleeping bag strongly recommended (commendable to the agency).

Transport time: 3h30
Hiking time: 6 to 7 hours
Climate: mild during the day and cold during the night
Altitude difference: Cusco (3400 m) - Mollepata (2800 m) - Marcoccasa (3400 m) - Soray Pampa (3900 m)
Option: On the way to Soray Pampa, we strongly recommend you to make a detour to the lake of Humantay to discover the magnificent sight on the lake and the snow-covered peak of Humantay (Ascent from Soraypampa at 3900m to Humantay at 4220m ). Hiking time 2 hours.

Day 2: Soray Pampa- Salkantay Pass - Chaullay

After breakfast we head back to the Col du Salkantay (4600m), which offers an exceptional view of the snowy peak of Salkantay (6264m). This morning will be the most challenging of the trek - and well worth it. A stop at the top will only be possible if the weather allows us. The hike will then continue downhill and we will leave the groundhogs to enter an ecosystem with lush vegetation. Arrived in Chaullay, we will settle in our camp and will take a snack before dinner. Night warmer than the previous one.

Hiking time: about 9 hours
Climate: hot, mosquitoes
Altitude difference: Soray Pampa (3900 m) - Salkantay pass (4600 m) - Chaullay (2950 m)

Day 3: Chaullay - Lucmabamba - Archaeological Site of Llactapata - Hydroelectrica - Aguas Calientes

We will get up early in the morning to take the shuttle that took us to Lumacbamba. We will start the day hiking on the remains of the Inca Trail to reach the archaeological site of Llactapata (2650m), privileged place to discover the richness of the Inca culture and local flora. In addition, you will enjoy an extraordinary view of the city of Machu Picchu and the canyon of Vilcanota if the weather allows us. You will begin to learn more about the Inca pilgrimage and the remaining vestiges to discover in Llactapata. We will descend, along the river, then to arrive at the Hydro Station (1950m), from where we will take the train until our stage of the day, the village of Aguas Calientes (2050m), located at the feet of Machu Picchu .

Hiking time: 6 hours
Transport time: 1h30
Climate: Hot, insect presence
Elevation gain: Chaullay (2950 m) - Lucmabamba (2000 m) - Llactapata (2600 m) - Hydroelectrica (1950 m) - Aguas Calientes (2005m)

Day 4: Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu - Cusco

We will leave our hotel after breakfast at 5:30, and we will go to Machu Picchu (2400m) by tourist bus. We will enter the Inca citadel around 6:00 am, so as to enjoy the sunrise on the site. After a guided tour of the archaeological area, including information about the life and customs of the Incas, we will have enough time to enjoy Machu Picchu and Wayna Picchu (2750m) (optional). We will leave Aguas Calientes by train. While waiting for the train, you will have the time to have lunch in one of the restaurants of the city. In addition, you can enjoy the hot springs in Aguas Calientes to relax before your departure.

Visiting time: 2h
Transport time: 4h (Aguas Calientes - Cusco) and 30 minutes (Bus Machu Picchu)
Altitude difference: Aguas Calientes (2005 m) - Machu Picchu (2400 m) - Cusco (3400 m)


Salkantay Trek 4 days (group service)

Included :

  • Information meeting in our offices with your guide 1 or 2 days before the start of the trek at 19h, to be confirmed when booking  
  • Transfer:
            Shuttle from the hotel office (where the shuttle to access) to the village of Mollepata (Marcoccasa)
            Shuttle from Chaullay to Lucmabamba (Day 3)
            Train of Hydroelectric Station in Aguas Calientes
            Bus from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu
            Train Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo, then shuttle to your hotel in Cusco (where the shuttle has access)
  • Overnight in a private room in a hotel in Aguas Calientes (Marco Wasi, Inka Tower or similar depending on availability)  
  • Entrance to the Machu Picchu site  
  • Bilingual Spanish-English professional guide (for a French-speaking guide, please contact us in advance! )  
  • Good quality camping equipment (Professional Tents Eureka! Timberline 4 or Doite Himalaya , for 2 people with Mattresses). 
  • New fixed camp, with tent shelters, hard kitchens and toilets   
  • Meals during the stay (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, notify the agency in case of allergies or special diet: vegetarian, etc.)   
  • Cook and kitchen equipment  
  • Muleteers and mules in charge of camping equipment and your personal belongings (max 7 kg per person)  
  • Rescue horse (2 people)   
  • First aid kit and oxygen bottle

Not included :

  • Breakfast of the 1st day and lunch of the 4th day in Aguas Calientes   
  • Sleeping bag (if you do not have one, can rent from our agency)  
  • Bus down Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes (US $ 12.00). You can also go down on foot, about 1 hour of steps.


(1) From the 1st to the 2nd day (from Marcoccasa to Chaullay), we will be accompanied by a team of muleteers and mules, who will carry all camping equipment, food and personal belongings (maximum 7 kg per person). On the 3rd day, luggage will be sent by car to the Hydro Station.

(2) Visit to Huayna Picchu or Montaña: To climb Huayna Picchu or Montaña, you need to book a good time in advance. We take care of the reservation and guarantee your entrance for Huayna Picchu or Montaña. With of course an additional fee of $ 65.00, in addition to the entrance to Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail, according to the regulation of the Ministry of Culture. (This new law came into force on July 18, 2011).

(3) Gratuities: for porters, cooks and guides are always welcome. Carriers are also very grateful for a small donation, such as school clothes or materials for their children.

(4) Student Card : To be eligible for the $ 20.00 student discount, you must have a valid ISIC student card when booking - not just when you arrive in Cusco! The validity must correspond to the whole year in progress. When booking, we will need a copy of your card. The Ministry of Culture is strict when regulating student cards.

(5) CANCELLATION: For any last minute cancellation, the expenses already made by the agency will be at your expense.

  • Period before departure written notification is received.
  • 15-10 days.                >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • 9-7 days.                   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • 6 days or less.             >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Cancellation fee as a percentage of the holiday price
  • 50%
  • 80%
  • 100%

What is needed to bring?

  • Backpack with a rain poncho   
  • Sleeping bag   
  • Clothing for hot and cold weather   
  • Rain pants and lightweight pants   
  • Trekking shoes  
  • Sandals or flip flops (for showers and thermal baths)   
  • Wool socks or cotton and a sweater   
  • T-shirt with short and long sleeves  
  • Rain poncho and hat or cap   
  • Swimsuit (for hot springs in Aguas Calientes)   
  • Sun protection, anti-mosquito, hand sanitizer gel, water bottle and purifying tablets, toilet paper  
  • Camera (wrapped in a plastic bag), flashlight and spare batteries   
  • Bars of cereals, chocolate, dried fruits, etc.   
  • Original passport and student card "ISIC" (for entrance to Machu Picchu) extra money in Soles   
  • The climate can be quite cold and wet, in this case, your wet clothes will not have enough time to dry. Take some extra clothes. 

Payments & Booking

Contact Us

* We will not be able to book and confirm your tour or trek without the following:

1. A deposit of $150 USD . Deposits are made through the PayPal link below.

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