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Guides: Great knowledge, excellent attitude. Keep the positive vibe / attitude ! Cook and food: Variation was perfect ! Amazing what good food the cook can make in the "jungle". Porters: Porters were amazing, stong and very friendly. Overall feedback: Very nice trail !

Evelyne D. - Inca Trail 4 days - Belgium - January 2015

Météo compliquée, la nourriture fût bonne, en très grande quantité (trop?). Guide très bien, à l'écoute et disponible. Equipe de porteurs au top !!!

Bentoza Olivier - Inka Trail - Frances - May 2014

Très beau parcours, très bon guide.

Service excellent (nourriture, boisson..)

Luc de Montvallon - Inka Trail - Frances - May 2014

Très bonne équipe (porteurs/cuisinier/guide). Bonne organisation du trek au niveau période de marche, repas, repos. Seul petit bémol sur la qualité des sacs de couchage loués ayant des problèmes de fermetures.

Langevin Jean-Adrien - Inka Trail - Frances - May 2014

Une expérience inoubliable et unique, rendue possible par un guide attentionné et une équipe au diapason. La difficulté du parcours fut largement occultée par la beauté des paysages et du chemin. La cuisine fut en tout point excellente et les porteurs parfaits. Guide très agréable et toujours pertinent et intéressant. Seul bémol pour la pluie les deux premiers jours mais on ne peut pas blâmer la nature !

De Barrigue de Montvallon Benoit - Inka Trail - Frances - May 2014

The whole trek was a wonderful experience. The food was always delicious and healthy, and it was amazing how everything was always ready & prepared when we arrived. We have a lot of respect for the hard working porters, and loved that they also got a part of our "family". It was sad to say goodbye and not being able to go to Machu Picchu together. Freddy was a wonderful guide with a lot of knowledge. He explained everything clearly and in an interesting way. If we needed help, he always found a way to help us, like giving us a stick or carrying the bagpack ;)

We hope we will see our funny porters and guide again !! :)

Laura & Elena - Inka Trail - Aleman - May 2014

Cook : Food was excellent. The soup were especially delicious !

Horsemen : were nice, helpful.

Guide : Saul was knowledgeable. He made a good effort to ensure everyone was comfortable & looked after at all times.

Overall : Trek was great. Good trails, nice scenery, lengh of hike good. Hot springs were a highlight - there should be part of the tour not an optional extra. Overall we had a fantastic time ! The team of workers together made the experience very enjoyable.

Erin & Lisa - Salkantay - Australian - January 2014

Good trek and the guide was so nice ! Thank you all staff, especially the chief, who made great food despite the conditions ! :D

Geoffrey Foos - Lares Trek - French - October 2014

This was absolutely an incredible experience. Jimmy was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable guide. He was absolutely helpful throughout the entire trek. He was incredibly supportive and motivating throughout the trek. I will highly recommend this company and Jimmy to any friend interested in doing the Inca Trail. Best experience !!!

Murty Gollakota - Inka Trail - USA - May 2014

We really enjoyed doing this trek, the guide was good with all the explonation about the inkas, he has nice knowledge about nature and history we enjoyed so much the food was nice. Thanks so much.

Nayak & Anjli Kothary - Inka Trail - Holland - May 2014

Le trek s'est très bien passé. Danny a fait face à nos petits problèmes personnels, il était très sympatique.

- Playa Rosalina : c'était très bien

- Marabota : c'était bien

- Cosamassana moins bien au niveau sanitaire, mais l'accueil était sympa.

La logistique était super! Rosalio, le cuisinier, était très professionnel et sympa, et la cuisine était super. Les 2 chauffeurs conduisaient très bien, mais le dernier était trop bavard. Merci pour ce trek !

GABEN - Choquequirao 4D/3N - Français - Mai 2014

We had a very great time ! The trek was beautiful and we enjoyed it a lot. Jose is a great guide, always friendly, he explained everything very well and we had a good time together. The service of the trip was good : very punctual, big lunch box and delicious dinner. We would absolutely recommend the trip. Muchas gracias.

PS : We would preser to catch an earlier train to Aguas Calientes (when it is still light and you see sth), and have dinner there.

Nathalie & Sebastian - Huchuy Qosqo - Aleman - May 2014

Angel was amazing ! The trek was good and we got to do a lot of great things. My only thing, it would have been nice to have gotten cold water in the morning. So we didn't have to need buying bottle water.

Shelby Oliver - Salkantay - USA - May 2014

Just wanted to let you know I had a GREAT trip! It was truly a trip of a lifetime. Our guide (Edwar) was phenomenal - he (and the porters) truly went above and beyond my expectations. He was very knowledgeable not only about the trail but the Inka history, culture, etc.  I highly recommend him for future tours. Thanks for organizing and making this adventure possible for me.


Keri Cooper - Inka Trail - USA - August 2014

- Food : The food was amazing. I was expecting staples, but our cook (Isaac - I think that how you spell it-) did an exceptional job, serving up 3 course meals! Restaurant quality ***** (5 stars)

- Porters : Our porters were absolute machines. Young and old, they ran past us up and down the mountains, carrying 10X more than what I would be capable of. Their service around meal time was top class and our campsites were always set up when we arrived. *****

- Guides : Couldn't have asked for better guides. Their knowledge of the track and all the Inka Sites was exceptional, never failing to answer a question. Had the patience when we were going slow, enjoyed to have a joke and a laugh, and were all round second to none ! *********

Nicholas Trovato - Inka Trail - AUSTRALIAN - 26/05/14

The Inca Trail was a fantastic experience overall. Both guides where knowledgable about the areas & also the history of The Andes. They were also very personable and easy to have a conversation & joke with. The crew including porters had a great sense of humour & would always give us a clap o support when passing us on the trail. The food was amazing !! I honestly was expecting the worst but Isaac proved e very wrong, very quickly. It was so surprising the amount of variety you can come up with considering the limitations! The trek was a definite challenge but we were in safe hands. Always kept well informed with the challenges ahead eg. second day ! Thank you for everything !!!

Dayna Porter - Inka Trail - AUSTRALIAN - 26/05/14

El trek fue muy interesante, con una equipa muy solidaria. El cocinero muy sonriente y simpatico. En cada ocasion el guia me explico todo lo que pude interesarme : flores, plantes, piedras, animales, la historia, geografia... Lo muy interesante fue de visitar las casas y ver como la gente vive, en su ambiante quotidiana. El guia fue perfecto, muy humano, tenia conversaciones muy ricas para ayudar a descubrir su pais, y se cuido de mi quasi como de su mama. La cocina fue variada y rica. El unico problema fue el estado de los baños y su falta de limpieza, problema para la higenia, pero eso no es culpa de la agencia. La organisacion para preparar y acompanar era perfecta.  Me ha gustado mucho esta manera de descubrir un poco de Peru combinado al placer de caminar. (Perdone mi español muy malo).

Martine BESSIERES - Lares Trek - FRENCH - 31/05/14

I was enjoying the trek, good nature & good view. Machu Picchu will the best from this trek. With the friendly guide. One day we may came again with my son...

Susanti Szefler - Salkantay Trek - INDONESIA - 31/05/14

This was absolutely an incredible experience. Jimmy was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable guide. He was absolutely helpful throughout the entire trek. He was incredibly supportive and motivating throughout the trek. I will highly recommend this company and Jimmy to any friend interested in doing the inca trail. Best experience !!

Murty Gollakota - Inca Trail - USA - 31/05/14

Freddy & Judy were wonderful. They were both informative & supportive. The porters were very supportive & our cook, Richard, did an excellent job. I would recomend Xtreme T. to anyone ! Thank you !!

Darey Harper - Inka Trail - USA - 29/05/14

Thanks a lot Freddy & Judith, you did a perfect job. Explaining the Quechua World. C'était parfait ! In the name of the Boccard Family !

Family Boccard - Inka Trail - French - 29/05/14

The trip was excellent. Freddy and Judy were great. Both were very helpful, friendly and knowledgable. The food was wonderful and the porters were very helpful. I would hugly recommend this trip to anyone. Thanks to all.

Tim HARPER - Inka Trail - USA - 29/05/14

Nuestro guia fue Raul. Recomiendo Raul a todos los futuros clientes de Xtreme Tourbulencia. He tenido este guia durante dos caminatas : el Inca Trail y el Choquequirao. Es muy simpatico y profesional. La comida fue muy rica y diversa gracias a nuestros 2 buenos cocineros. Toda la organizacion (guia, arrieros, cocineros) estaba muy eficiente. Y ademas de todo eso el trek fue increible con paisajes impresionantes y ruinas muy bonitas. Muchas gracias por estas experiencias maravillosas. Hasta Luego !

Family Billaud - Inka Trail y Choquequirao Trek - French - August 2014

Notre trek de l'inca fut une très grande expérience ! Nous avons été très satisfait par l'organisation, je ne sais pas si Antipode travaille toujours avec X-treme Turbulencia, mais je voulais partager avec vous notre grande satisfaction. L'équipement à notre disposition, l'équipe de porteurs, le cuisinier et le guide...tout est très bien. Avec une note particulière pour le guide (Washington), il a su très rapidement lier le groupe de marcheur (malgré les différents nationalités et les écarts de niveau des marcheurs), il rend l'expérience encore plus exceptionnelle. Suivant vos possibilités, n'hésitez pas à témoigner notre satisfaction auprès de lui et auprès de X-treme Turbulencia.

Grupo PUBELLIER - Inka Trail - French  - 11/08/14

Jose, he was an excellent tour guide, very happy, very patient, very attentive. I struggled the first day, but he stayed with me to make sure I was ok, his knowledge was excellent and I gained a lot of knowledge. I would recommend him to friends that are coming to do the trek.  100 % happy.

Kristy Mane Banelt – Inka Trail – Australia – 19/03/2013 .

Departure from Cusco on time,Sufficient food of good quality,Water provided during de meal and for the day (boiled water),Good explanations of plants along the way,Details given to Choquequirao site

Ralf – Choquequirao – Germany- 28-31/03/13

I have been doing this fabulous trek with an excellent team, Simon as a Guide, Alejandro as the cook and Victo as the hotseman. All of them showed me the Peruvian lifestyle. Thanks to the competence of each one, I have seen and lived extraordinary things that I will never forget. All of the landscapes seen on the way were just wonderful. I can advise to anyone who wants to to it, to book it, you wont´t regret is, it is just amazing !!

Simon Langlois - France - Ausangate - 30/5/12

Excellent trek !! Paysages juste fabuleux et le nourriture vraiment bonne (varié et copieux). Explications sur les divers sites très interessant, surtout sur le Machu Picchu.

Y. Sadier - Canada - Salkanatay Trek - 29-03/5/12

the trek was wonderful! Washington was not only knowledgable, organised and highly competent, he was a pleasure to be around. He was encouraging the slowest of us, entertained us with stories of Inca history and local culture. Also the cook was amazing who should write a cookbook! All of us would purchase it!

Rosalyn Chi - USA - Salkantay Trek - 27-31/4/12

Excellent trip - very good value. We got to see/do so much!
On a scale of 1 - 10 a definite 10!
The food was excellent and our guide was very knowledgeable.

Betting George - USA - Salkantay Trek - 27-31/4/12

The Inca Trail has been the most fantastic experience and has exeeded all my expectations. From the moment I was collected I felt this was a once in a lifetime experience. The guide took extreme care of all the group and was extremely knowledgeable at all times, explaining clearly the significance and meaning of all the incredible sights along the trail. The porters and chef produced amazing food and worked hard at all times, again taking great care of us!I cannot praize the staff enough and will go back to my country and tell all  my friends and family that not only is Peru a beautiful country but also the people who have made me so welcome.

Helena Breck - British - Inca trail - 24-27/4/12

Très bon trek. L'organisation était parfaite. Le temps des déplacements, la nourriture, les guides. Nous avons adorer notre avonture. Merci !

Jean-Luc Ferlahe - Canadienne - Inca Trail - 8-11/4/12

Muy buena la comida que nos sirvieron, todo en horario y bien programado. Los lugares de campamiento eran comodos, las carpas estaban buenas y la atencion a los guias muy buena. El tour en el camino del Inca due didactivo u con mucho contenido.

Dante Puppo - Argentino - Camino Inca - 6-9/4/12

Estoy muy conforme con todo el tour y el servicio en general. La agencia resolvió todas mis dudas y me aconsejo bien tanto por e-mail, como personalmente. Los transportes fueron puntual, tanto el guía Cesar como su asistente Edward. Muy cordiales, muy atentos y muy bien explicado todo y manejado muy bien los tiempos de la excursión excelente. Información muy completa y resuelto todas las dudas. El cocinero William hizo un gran trabajo y todos los portadores también. Además de ser muy amables excelente trabajo. Muy contento. Gracias

Juan Manuel Serrano - Argentina - Camino inca - 16-19/3/12

El recorrido del Camino Inca me ha parecido una experiencia que merece la pena vivir una vez en la vida. Tanto por la caminata, los pueblos incas que se ven, la historia que se aprende respecto de ellos… Sobre todo si se culmina en el Machu Picchu, cuando se ve, se olviden todos los malos ratos vividos en el camino. Respecto al ritmo de la caminata ha sido bueno, tanto en los desniveles de subida, como en bajada y caminos planos. El guía es sobresaliente, muy buena información y muy buena preparación. El único inconveniente ha sido el tiempo, cosa que no se puede manejar!

José Homo - Espanola - Camino Inca - 6-9/3/12

This trek was a wonderful experience. I have suffered a lot but I think it was worth it! The Machu Picchu was amazing! Thank you very much to you Washington for your constant good mood and motivation, I really appreciated that! (especially when it was getting hard to climb) Thanks also for all the good stories !!! (on the Inca sites but also at night during dinner). Thank you to all the team, all the porters for their hard work and far being so helpful and nice. I really appreciated. The food was great, thanks to Ufracio. I don’t have anything negative to say. I won’t forget this trek and I’ll recommend it to my friends and family !

Alix Grassin - French -  Inca Trail - 24/01/12

Une équipe très attentive à nos besoins. Le guide est très clair dans ses explications et j’apprécie sa culture générale, sa convivialité. La qualité des repas préparés avec beaucoup d’intentions. La présence toute simple du muletier, essentielle cependant. Enfin, le paysage grandiose, magique, stupéfiant !

Anne Solène Cognet - France - Vallée de Lares - 27 - 01/12/2011

The tour was good. The guide was nice and cheerful. When he explained about the Incas you saw a sparkle in his eyes, which says he is passionate about the subject.

Rinath Siderius - Holanda - Inca trail - 19-22/12/11

Kenny a été un très bon guide. Bon français, bonne connaissance de tout, bien structuré, il connaît très bien la région, donne toujours de très bonnes explications, particulièrement au gîte du Machu Picchu.
Cuisine parfaite. Jeannette et son équipe ont fait du très bon travail.
Excellente nourriture
Toute l’équipe du tour
Laurent nous a très bien encadrés et il s’est ajusté à toutes nos demandes. Bravo, je vous recommande !

Dessureault Serge -  canadien - Inca Trail - 15/09/2011

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