The region of Vilcabamba, is located Northwest of Cusco, in the province “La Convencion”, in the eastern mountain range of the Andes. This is a chain of snow covered peaks and High Mountain and forests with constant climate changes. The region is lined with two deep canyons, the canyon of Apurimac on the left and Willcamayu canyon on the right. Through the bottom of each of them running very fast-flowing rivers whiches have carved and still carve one of the most beautiful and spectacular landscapes of our Andean region.

Manco Capac and his successors occupied the Vilcabamba region and organized the resistance against the Spaniards. The Inca created a new empire, small but influential and built several cities and fortresses. They installed their capital at the great Vilcabamba, city, built in the middle of the rainforest and difficult to access. In 1572 the Spanish launched an attack to the Inca capital, until it falls into the hands of the Spaniards. The Inca preferred to destroy the city and burnt it. The Spanish conquistadors definitely won the war against the Inca and the running on the main square of Cusco. Then the Spanish built the new city of Vilcabamba.

Since that time, the great Vilcabamba is a lost city. In 1911, Hiram Bingham believed that Machu Picchu, he has just discovered, was supposed to be the Inca capital, but subsequent searches confirm that Machu Picchu could be great Vilcabamba.

We propose you to browse this area of high mountains and deep forests along different treks through several Inca routes, such as Choquequirao, Machu Picchu, cities etc.

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Vilcabamba to Machu Picchu Trek 5 Days

Vilcabamba was dominated by Manco Inca and his successors after the Spanish invasion. There were several administrative centers built in honor of the emperors of the last Incas dynasty, from Manco Inca to Tupac Amaru. They created a neo-imperial...

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